Nuno Martins
Nuno MartinsManaging Partner
It is essential to create more efficient, longer lifetime and non-disposable products to reduce the waste and energy consumption, which is the key for a more sustainable future.

Electronics for me was a passion since I was very young. At that time the available information was not so much, so I red all the information I could get, starting building small audio amplifiers and systems with a colleague that shared the same passion.

In the university finally had the opportunity to pursuit that dream and in 2005 I graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, which was the start of a new journey. At that time the 3G network was in implementation, so I had the opportunity to work in a R&D related project in Instituto de Telecomunicações.

After that project, in the next year I started to work in the electronics development for power management and control for a major lighting manufacturer in Portugal, being involved in the product design for high demand applications.

With that I specialize in power electronics by designing all kind of converters for lighting and renewable energies. In 2014 had the opportunity to increase my experience by working in a worldwide leading power electronics company in the development of power converters for network and industrial applications.

After some time I decided to use my knowledge and experience to assist lighting manufacturers in the creation of cost-efficient and long-lasting products and in 2015 I founded the company Poweren with one mission: provide the most optimized, efficient and reliable product for each application.

Meanwhile I helped our customers with specific solutions for each application in energy management, lighting and control and to create the product that they want. I helped also them to solve problems like EMC compliance, unexpected failures, interferences, communication issues and others.

For me is essential to do the right thing at first time. That will reduce future efforts and keep the focus on the innovation to create better products, which is the key to reduce the waste and energy consumption.